Easter Bunny Cookies

Happy Easter!!



Things have been pretty crazy around here, sorry for the lack of posts!  We found out that we will be moving to Oklahoma City for the summer for my husbands job.  Between the packing and moving arrangements there hasn't been much time for cookies.  Last weekend we were blessed with GORGEOUS weather, and I just couldn't bring myself to stay inside with my mixer after 6 months of winter.  So here are my last minute attempt at Easter Bunny cookies.  I actually might like the little carrots even more than the bunnies, they are the perfect size for a small treat, and turned out pretty cute!


I made some of the bunnies with pink detailing but just for fun I made some all white.  These ones would be good if anyone in the family has food color allergies.


I probably won't have too many more posts from Pittsburgh until we are situated in Oklahoma.  Leave it to me to start a project then have to immediately take a break from it, but sometimes that is just how life goes. 


I think these bunnies would look so adorable with the chick cookies I made.  I already gave those ones away, so maybe next Easter I will have the time to make both together. 


I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Easter!