UP House cookie tutorial


When I'm not making cookies, I'm usually watching an energetic 4 year old and her baby brother.  I have watched my fair share of Disney & Pixar movies. So much that I find myself humming the theme song to Aladdin before whatever it was I was listening to on the radio.  Some of the movies aren't so bad, and a few I even own myself. One of my favorites is Disney Pixar's "UP" -despite the fact that it makes you cry in the first 5 minutes. One day while looking through travel Pinterest boards, I saw that the Disneyland in France had a hot air balloon made to look like the house in the UP movie.  While thinking of how completely awesome it would be to see it, I got the idea of making a cookie of the house using my hot air balloon cookie cutter!


Some ideas don't quite work out like you want them to, but since I spent all day making these cookies, I'll give you the tutorial anyway ;)


I started out making a couple hot air balloon cookies. I didn't think it would be necessary to flood the cookies first, but if you do use the balloon cookie cutter, you might want to. I think there ended up being too much extra space on the cookie. It might work out better on a completely different cookie, such as a oval, square or rectangle shape.  I am gonna give that a try next time.

Since I am terrible at drawing and even worse at it once I've started piping, I decided to use food color markers to sketch out the basic shape before using the icing.  I would definitely recommend doing this.


Once you've sketched it out, prepare some brown, yellow, green, pink & blue pastry bags with small tips.  I used a Wilton #1 tip.   Pipe in your sketched house and let it dry for a couple minutes.


Using white icing, add a couple lines coming from the chimney. I used a Wilton #0 tip.


I made a few more colors while the white lines dried: dark blue, orange & red.  I then started dotting the outline of the balloons.  I think doing the outline first makes it a little easier.


Then fill in with more balloons!  I think if I would have gone all the way up to the top center it might have turned out a little better using the hot air balloon cookie cutter.  Try out some different shapes and see what looks best to you!