Rubber Ducky Shower Cookies

"Rubber ducky, you're the one..."


My cousin contacted me a couple weeks ago asking if I could bake up some rubber ducky cookies for her friends baby shower.  I have been taking on more and more projects lately, and I am getting ready for a 3 month move to Oklahoma City for my husbands job, so it has been a little crazy, but I love an excuse to make some cookies, so I found some time to squeeze them in. 


The rain is starting here in Pittsburgh, and the moisture in the air is wreaking havoc on my icing consistency! I am eventually going to have to buy a portable dehumidifier, but right now I just have to do without.  I wanted to pipe some bath bubbles on the bottoms of the cookies for a little extra flair, but my icing was just way too runny.  I tried a couple different times, but I wasn't crazy about how the design was turning out either, so I just let it go. 


Hopefully the mama-to-be still enjoys them!