Starfish Cookies and a Trip to the Oregon Coast


Last summer my husband and I went to visit friends in Portland, Oregon.  While we were there we spent a weekend at Cannon Beach. We stayed at the Hallmark Inn right in front of Haystack Rock. Much different than the East coast I'm used to, Haystack Rock is the third largest sea stack in the world. It towers over you amongst the sea and foggy coastline, but the coolest thing about it happens when the tide goes out. 


All around it are tide pools, only accessible with the low tide, that are home to many kinds of amazing sea creatures, such as crabs, anemone, and STARFISH! But not just any starfish, the starfish at Cannon Beach are orange and purple! 


I had heard about them when we planned our trip and was hoping to catch a glimpse of them at low tide, and luck prevailed!  So amazing what you can find at the other end of the country!


So while looking back on the great photos of our trip I realized I had a starfish cookie cutter I hadn't used yet. Time to make some Oregon Sea Stars!


I was pretty happy with how they turned out, I wanted to make them look like my Oregon starfish, but cute enough that you'd still want to eat them ;)


I hope to go back and see them again some day, but until then I'll just keep making my own in my kitchen