Iris Cookies & Tutorial


I adore flowers. I have a hard time picking a favorite.  Usually when I see one, it becomes my favorite at the moment.  Some of my absolute loves include: hyacinths, peonies, lily of the valley, sunflowers, hydrangeas and irises.

Our neighbor next door has a beautiful garden, and every spring it blooms some of the most stunning irises I have ever seen.  One day after admiring them, she brought some over to us. I was ecstatic. They were amazing.


Some time after that I bought a iris cookie cutter and decided to use these gorgeous flowers as inspiration for a cookie.

irises120-1DONE copy.jpg

Hopefully they actually look like Irises! I've decided to make my first ever cookie decorating tutorial for you all. Considering I don't really know what I'm doing, I may not be the best at telling you all how to do something, so bear with me!

I believe I got my cookie cutter at Fancy Flours HERE. After baking your cookies, I let mine dry out usually overnight. I think the longer you wait, the less likely butter bleed will be a problem.  If you need an icing and/or cookie recipe, I would strongly recommend looking up Sweetopia. She is absolutely amazing, and has some of the best recipes and tutorials on the web.  Her icing recipe can be found HERE.

I started piping and flooding in two bottom petals of the iris. I made mine a dark purple color to match the irises my neighbor gave me but you could reverse the color if you'd like. I used AmeriColor soft gel paste food coloring in regal purple. I made sure to pipe the outer two petals first so that they wouldn't run into each other. Since I ended up outlining them when I was done, it wasn't necessary.

iris1-1 DONEcopy.jpg

Once the petals were a little dry, I added the third bottom petal.


I then added two top petals in a lighter purple, repeating the same outer then inner process. 


I piped and flooded the last top petal and then added the stem. The color I used was AmeriColor avocado. I made two separate stem pieces, but once again, if you choose to outline at the end, it is not necessary.


They don't look terrible this way but I wanted more definition so I outlined the cookies.


For the top petals I did a lighter shade outline, the bottom petals a slightly darker shade of purple, and the stem outline was about the same color.

irises102-1DONE copy.jpg

I think it makes a difference.


This is just a simple freehand design. I liked the flowers more when I made the petals a bit wavy.


Hopefully they look like irises to you! If not, I may have to stick with the ones in my neighbors garden! Thanks for stopping by!