Pineapple Cookies and the end of "Buttery Goodness"

They canceled my favorite show. And to that I say, USA Network can "Suckkk itt".

Ok, so If you are a fan of "Psych" you know what I am talking about. And I am devastated. In a world now obsessed with reality television, Psych was a diamond in the rough and in my opinion the best comedy TV show on television.

After announcing that there would only be 5 episodes left, I moped around in misery and then left angry "I will never watch the USA Network again!" comments on their Facebook Page. But since I only have a few more episodes to enjoy the best show on air (THE BEST! DID YOU HEAR ME USA NETWORK!?!) I decided to help my show go out with a bang... and some Pineapple Cookies.

pineapple5-1 DONEcopy.jpg

" I can't help it. My body Craves Buttery Goodness"

I'll try to stop with the Psych references. Ok, probably not. "C'mon Son."

Anyway, for those of you who have never seen the best show on TV, the pineapple is a symbol that they use in every episode. There have even been "text when you spot the pineapple" games. I don't even remember why, maybe because it's awesome.

But even if you haven't seen the show you could still make some sweet pineapple cookies.

pineapple8-1 DONEcopy.jpg

Here are a couple more pictures of my psych treats. "Wait for ittttttt..."

pineapple1 DONEcopy.jpg
pineapple7-1DONE copy.jpg

In all seriousness I want to thank the entire Psych cast and its producers for a fabulous run. This was a great show and it will remain forever in our hearts... and on our screens from the DVD sets that we own. Because we certainly won't be watching reruns on the USA network. "You know that's right."