Christmas Moose Cookies

No creature was stirring, not even a Moose... ;)


It is finally time for CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!!!! I have been planning all kinds of fun cookie designs- most of which I will probably not have time for, but I am going to try! I decided to start with these Christmas moose cookies because a friend of mine who collects moose is going through a pretty terrible time right now and I was hoping they would bring a smile to her face.  


I have been wanting to make these fun cookies since Sweet Sugar Belle made them last year.  She is so creative and I love how she finds different uses for cookie cutters.  These moose cookies are made by turning a gingerbread man upside down!! She has a great tutorial for her moose cookies HERE. If you are a fellow cookie lover make sure to check out her website! She is one of the first cookie decorators to inspire me!


The trickiest part of making these cookies was finding the right shades of tan.  Believe it or not tan is not an easy color to make in the baking world!!! 


I really adore these cookies, I am hoping to make more soon, but it might have to wait until after Christmas because I have so many other designs I want to try out!