Ugly Christmas Sweaters

My favorite batch of the year.. Ugly Sweaters!!!


I ended my cookie decorating this year with some ugly Christmas sweaters! I was looking forward to making these since my mom bought me the cookie cutter last Christmas!  If I would have known how much I would enjoy decorating these cookies, I would have baked dozens more!! They were So. Much. FUN!


The best part of these cookies was that I didn't have to take them too seriously. Ugly sweaters are exactly that- Ugly! So I didn't have to worry so much about how they turned out or If I messed them up a little.  It really let me experiment and  play around with the designs which I love!


I got to practice my marbling technique, something I am not great at yet, but I am always looking for cookies to practice on.  Using red coloring for wet on wet icing led to a little bleeding, so I will have to change what I do next year. 


Even with the faded detailing I still think they look pretty cute!


The reindeer sweaters were a hit and definitely some of my favorites!


I could decorate these all day!


I love my elf cookie, but in this lighting it is hard to see his nose! He looks even cuter in person!


And it's just not Christmas without some tangled Christmas lights!


I am hoping to host an ugly sweater party next year so I can make these again!! I have so many more ideas!!


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and great end to 2014! I have lots of cookie plans and ideas for 2015 that I can't wait to share!