Christmas Ornaments


For my next Holiday cookie set I decided on Christmas ornaments.  I used red, green and white for my colors but I think next time I am going to try a set in purples to match my actual Christmas tree! 


I really wasn't sure how I wanted to decorate these, so I just kinda winged it as I went along.  After playing with this set a little I think I will know better for next time what looks nice.  I would also like to add to my cookie cutter collection and get a few more large ornament cutters.  Most of these were smaller so it makes it harder to add detail.


I had a couple of my cookies bleed red onto the detailing this year while they dried.  Red is a strong color for icing and it take more dye than most colors.  I might have to let the cookies dry more before attempting to detail so that doesn't happen again in the future. 


Merry Christmas!