Christmas Cookies

Moose, Mittens, Snowflakes and Wintery Trees to start off this years Christmas cookie extravaganza!


This year I made so many cookies that I loss count of the final number (I also loss lots of sleep staying up baking and decorating) but it was worth it! Christmas cookies are my favorite cookies to make and I make some traditional favorites along with my decorated sugar cookies.  This year I made peanut butter blossom, lemon slice and bakes, chocolate covered oreos and raspberry cheesecake thumbprints.  I then started my decorated cookies, and to begin I baked up some snow covered trees, winter mittens, holiday snowflakes and a few more Christmas moose cookies!


I love these cookies because they work not just for Christmas but also for the whole winter season!


I thought about decorating the trees with ornaments, but I decided they look just as nice with only snow.  Something we are missing here in Pittsburgh!


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!


I don't know why but the red detail on the white snowflakes makes me think of a Nordic pattern.  I would love to do some detail work with a fair isle design if I find the time!


Let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snow!


I tried a few cable knit designs on white mittens.  I love how they look but the white on white makes it a little difficult to see the detailing. After Christmas I might try to perfect these. I think they look so classy!


I feel very ready to bake and decorate this year, I always seem to run out of time and not ideas when it comes to cookies, but hopefully I will get a couple more sets finished before the holidays are over!