Halloween cookies

Happy Halloween!!


This year for Halloween I made some pumpkins, bats, cauldrons and WITCH HATS! I am in love with the witch hats.  I have been waiting to use the cookie cutter for almost a year now, and I was so excited that they turned out. 


I made a ton of cookies this year, and because of that I spent my entire day decorating.  I made trays of pumpkins and at about Midnight my patience and need for perfection started to wane.  I knew the icing consistency was off but I just couldn't bring myself to adjust it, so some of my pumpkins came out a little lumpy.  But pumpkins are actually kind of lumpy in real life so if anyone asks, I did it on purpose.  I was going for the "textured look" wink wink. 


I couldn't decide if I liked the pumpkins better with or without the leaves. Overall I think it added, and helped tie the colors in with the other cookies. 


My favorites are still the witch hats. Perfect for snacking on while enjoying our annual tradition of watching hocus pocus!


Have a happy and safe Halloween!!